On April 4 there was a meeting of “My Home” parents
On April 4 there was a meeting of “My Home” parents. The subject was “How to become friends with a teenager”.

Adolescence is one of the most difficult stages in the life of a teenager and in the life of his family. During this time there is a lot of conflict and misunderstanding between both sides. What to do to avoid all this and become the teenager’s friend?  Everybody present tried to find answers to those questions. Three hours went by very fast and the subject was opened just a little bit. Some points of the components of a teenager were rediscovered, like who he is, what happens to him and how to deal with it. During this difficult period, children need support. They need to understand what life is. They need to know what they want to do, what to do with what they want to do. Teenagers are our reflection in the mirror, although it’s hard to agree with it sometimes… There is a famous phrase “Do not raise children – educate yourself, in any case they will become like you.” At the end of the meeting a practical was outlined, perhaps it will be a party for parents with older children – board games, good emotions and a little improvisation. As well as a joint kayaking on the Kherson smoothly. It’s great when our kids spend time with us, see our enthusiasm, emotion and interest to be around them. A little patience, a lot of love and we can do anything, because with teenagers you need to have a cold mind and a warm heart full of love and unconditional acceptance.


Stay with us, to be continued